There are times  school teams need strategies or services to support student needs. This page includes resources to try, as well as request forms for related providers and support services.


General Resources

Infinitec- Training videos, materials, iPad App reviews, and much more to help get ideas for helping students.


Teaching Strategies - Strategies for teaching students with learning disabilities.

Intervention Central - Interventions for Academic Needs


Social Emotional/Behavior

PBIS World - Tier 3 Intervention Ideas

Intervention Central - Interventions for Behavior and Motivation

Intensive Intervention - Behavior Strategies to Support Intensive Intervention

Pyramid Model Interventions - Ideas specific to early childhood but relevant for older students as well.

Executive Functioning/Organization

Intervention - List of Executive Function Interventions

Center of the Developing Child - Activities to Develop Executive Functioning in Kids of All Ages

Interventions- Standard Interventions for Executive Functioning


Evidence Based Practices - Practices for working with students with an Autism Spectrum Disorder

Requests for Other Services

Occupational Therapy

Form - Complete this form and send it to Brenda Luea or Melissa Ginther to initiate your request.

Physical Therapy

Form- Complete this form and send it to Becky Pokorny to initiate your request.

Autism Intervention Team

Complete the referral form and get parent consent and send those requests to Vickie Unruh

Parent Consent Form

Referral Form

Westside School

Contact your school psychologist for the referral forms. Completed forms can be sent to Anita Scheve.


Not sure what you need. Contact Kyle Carlin and he can help you determine the next steps for your situation.