November 14, 2019 @ 6:36 p.m.

Regular Meeting

  • 1. Introduce everyone: Andrea Dinkel, Tamra Leiker, Jessica Kerr, Kortney Niernberger, Julie Brown, Brad Schumacher, Derek Bussman, Curt Vajnar, Faith Miller, Lance Bickle, Amanda Bickle, Tracy Dague, Christina Schmidt
  • 2.Officer/Chairperson Updates
  • a.President – Andrea
  • i.Upcoming vacancies: There is President, Treasurer, and Grant Coordinator available at the end of this school year; vice president open immediately. There was discussion for Box Tops position to stay with the Vice Pres position.
  • ii.Audit discrepancies: Everything came back good, although the Auditor stated the need for a dissolution plan for the money to roll into a bond in a situation where H&S dissolves. The Auditor will send some requirements to Andrea with info required in the ByLaws; Andrea will send out an email letting everyone knows what they are before adding to the ByLaws.
  • iii.Next H&S project possibilities: The last project was the playground equipment. Anita brought the request to the teachers although they have not had much time to think this over and discuss. Anita mentioned an option discussed was covering the expense of field trips. The district will pay for bus fees for one field trip per grade, per year.
  • b.Vice President – Tamra: She was asked today if Wilson Elementary was interested in partaking in the Frost Fest parade. Some concerns raised was the school cannot require teachers to participate, supervisor for children, it’s considered a school event putting the school liable if any child is injured. Frost Fest is Dec. 14. The topic will be tabled until next year due to limited time from now until Dec. 14.
  • c.Treasurer – Jessica
  • i.Checking: $24,712.98
  • ii.Savings: $3,804.67
  • iii.Laminating film and hand sanitizer is needed for the school. Laura motioned to pay for the laminating film and hand sanitizer; Tracy seconded the motions; all approved
  • d.Secretary – Laura
  • i.Approval of minutes: A word replacement in the treasurer section was made (gift card to grant). Jessica moved to approve the minutes with correction; Julie seconded the motion; all approved.
  • 3.Principal’s Report – Anita: McDonald’s Night made $1037.71. A leadership team from FHSU is working with schools on The Arc Park fundraiser coin week which will be starting next week. Second Step is in full force. The school continues to show a 63% decrease in office refers from last year. School improvement plan was including getting feedback from parents on a face to face level to help discuss concerns or positives they have. Anita asked about ideas for this; one suggestion was having something around drop off and pick up times. The kids are asking about doing the Tribes projects which will be Friday; the kids are enjoying this and asking for it. Next month the tribe project is Community and they will be writing letters to people in nursing homes, etc.
  • 4.Teacher’s Report – Jessie and/or Teresa: Thank you notes from teachers to H&S for supporting their classrooms.
  • 5.Hospitality Report – Amanda: NA
  • 6.Box Tops Report – Tracy: BoxTops were turned in with a total 827.70. (sent in was 722.50 was actual clipped BoxTops)
  • 7.Family Fun Night – Brad and Lance: Planned date is Feb. 15, 2020. Some groups are stepping up to help for that night. HMS cafeteria is willing to make the cinnamon rolls again.
  • 8.Grant Coordinator – Kourtney:
  • a.3rd grade: $200 each ($600 total) for books to support reading workshop; order from Amazon and Scholastic. Laura made a motion to approve the $600 for 3rd grade, Julie seconded the motion; all approved
  • b.Kortney announced she will be stepping down from this position after the 2019-2020 school year.
  • 9.Other ideas, concerns, questions
  • a.Corsage for Gloria: Derek made a motion to purchase the Corsage and meals for Mrs. Blackwell for both Winter and Spring concerts; Jessica seconded. All approved. The Winter Concert is December 12, 2019
  • b.Next H&S meeting – Jan. 9

Meeting adjourned 7:24 p.m.

Wilson Home & School Meeting Minutes

Wilson Home & School

October 10, 2019 @ 6:34 p.m.

Regular Meeting

  1. Attendance: Anita Scheve, Andrea Dinkel, Tamra Leiker, Julie Brown, Jessica Kerr, Jessie Groff, Kortney Niernberger, Lance Bickle, Brad Schumacher, Derek Bussman, Laura Chartier
  2. Officer/Chairperson Updates:
    1. President: Andrea announced she will be resigning from the President position as of May 2020
      1. Audit Update: The info was due and handed in on the 10th. If there are any concerns or needed information Andrea will be notified. There was an expense paid by the president for the audit, which will be reimbursed through the H&S budget.
      2. Christmas Shop/Penguin Patch Review: Jessi G reported the teachers were 50/50 on particiption this. One concern presented was having something available for the kids that don’t have money. Another concern was who would be responsible for the process and organization of the shop. Andrea noted there are notes / envelopes that go home to parents for the money and the time could be done before school or on one designated day. Jessi reported another school that does this separates the classrooms times into 20 min increments. Another concern is where the shop was going to be due to space at Wilson (options: Wed morning in the Library, little theater, etc). The board felt like tabling for next year.
    2. Vice-President: Tamra announced she will be resigning from her position effective January 2020. A notification will be sent out through social media to let know others know about the open position.
    3. Secretary
      1. Approval of minutes: There were no changes to the minutes. Jessica Kerr moved to approve the minutes as is, Tamra seconded it, all approved.
    4. Treasurer: Jessica reviewed the budget for income and expenses. Jessica announced she will be resigning from her position at the end of the school year.
      1. Checking Balance: $32,993
      2. Savings Balance: $3,804.67
      3. Discussion about the $200 gift card per teacher. Kortney made a motion for the gift cards in the amount of $200 for full time, $150 for the ¾ position, and $100 for half time. Laura seconded it, all approved
  3. Principals Reports
    1. How to Make a Monster Smile: there is a request to the foundation to pay the books for K-2 grade.
    2.  AmeriTown: AmeriTown is still in their fundraising phase, therefore no information about cost or schedule is available at this time.
    3. Nov. 4 the USD board with be at Wilson at 6:30 for the walk through of concerns in the building, as well as positives going on around the school. The board meeting will take place at Wilson.
    4. No reply back from KC Wolf on when he would be back.
    5. The 4th and 5th graders will be teaming with middle school to attend a presentation on Bullying.
    6. The school board is in discussion of approving the budget to cover one educational field trip per grade per year.
    7. The elementary principals recommend starting a task force to collect data on ways to help with transition for kindergartens; this is district wide proposal.
  4. Teachers Reports
    1. Classroom libraries: The teachers/grades are still needing to get together and discuss the amount requested for each teacher/grade.
  5. Grant Requests
    1. 1st grade: $375 for a learning tool, Robotics for the I-pads. Jessica Kerr made the motion to approve request, Julie 2nd, all in favor
    2. 2nd grade: $90 for new musical for 2nd grade mother’s tea. Laura makes the motion to pay for the musical, Julie seconded it, all approved.
  6. Fundraisings Update
    1. Delivery date Oct. 16 @ 1 to separate and get ready for pick-up. Brad will check on the dollies. Julie reviewed the cost of the prizes and will picking them up soon. Lance made a motion for the $4000 prize budget to be approved, Jessica K 2nd, all approved.
  7. Hospitality
    1. Parent/Teacher Conferences: Amanda will be sending out a sign-up email for items to be sent to the school for parent/teacher conference night
  8. Box Tops – Tamra/Tracy
    1. Date for turn in is Oct.       18. Crazy soak day if all the BoxTops reach 5000.
  9. Fall Fast Food Night & Dillon’s Card Renewals – Nov.      7, 2019
  10. Family Fun Night – Brad/Lance
    1. Date possibilities: Feb.       15, 2020
  11. Other Ideas, Concerns, or Questions
    1. Nov. 14, next H&S Meeting
    2. Committee budget discussion/clarity: If a committee is approved a $4000 budget for prizes, then each item does not be approved. If the amount goes over the budget, that would need to be approved.

Meeting adjourned 7:50 p.m.